Hangover Gone is a 2oz liquid shot product that was specifically formulated to minimize or prevent hangover effects caused by alcohol, before they start.

Most of us have felt the effects from a hangover. The most common symptoms are headache & fatigue, although other symptoms include sensitivity to light/sound, nausea, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, general weakness and more.
Hangover Gone was designed to minimize or prevent these effects.

Hangover Gone shot contains glucose, which provides the energy that your cells need to metabolize the alcohol. Alcohol lowers your blood sugar level. Most people think the opposite is true. The result is hypoglycemia effects. Hangover Gone is hangover prevention product that contains glucose to help counter this effect of alcohol consumption

It replenishes the lost vitamins & minerals including B vitamins needed for healing

And most importantly, it contains the amino acid cysteine, succinic & fumaric organic acids & a blend of herbs that have all been shown to bolster your body's natural ability to combat acetaldehyde, which is alcohol's main & most toxic by product.

Hangover Gone Deterrent & Detox shots uses a simple, but effective 3 step approach to prevent hangovers before they start.
Step 1: Metabolize the toxin
Step 2: Detox & flush away the toxin
Step 3: Fuel the process & raise blood sugar level

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How To Use:
To minimize or prevent hangover effects, drink Hangover Gone shot while consuming alcohol. Shake & Drink one 2oz Hangover Gone shot for every 4 to 6 alcoholic beverages.

Detailed information about the technology behind Hangover Gone on the How It Works page.